Discover Your Destiny

Well, nearly 3 months later, the e-books for Discover Your Destiny: The Soul, The Self, and The Search and Mapping Your Quest are finally on Amazon. Click on each title for more information.  Discover Your Destiny: The Soul, The Self, and The Search and Mapping Your Quest.

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The companion workbook Mapping Your Quest is now available for purchase.


The issue at the core of authentic spirituality is transformation.  Transformation is about my life being changed now, not pushed off into the future. Transformation comes as a result of holding the tension between our two natures, both human and divine.

Scott Peck worked his way through secular psychotherapy toward the discovery of spiritual values in The Road Less Traveled. This book begins where Scott Peck ends. This work assumes the spiritual nature of human existence and provides a breakthrough vision of spirituality and psychotherapy in seven interactive patterns: safety, meaning,  justice, competence, connection, healing, and transcendence.   Discover your Destiny!

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The Amazon Kindle ebook for DYD is now available here, and the Kindle ebook for the workbook is here.

The companion workbook Mapping Your Quest is now available for purchase.  Please Click Here for more information.


Reading DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY  is like sitting in his office and talking with him---it is real, and it is informative---you, the reader, will discover why you think/feel/do as you do, and this information will  definitely help you lead a healthier life as you are freed from the obstacles that have held you back. - Demcie

I wish I had read this book 40 years ago. - Robin


Thank you for adding more "purpose" to my life; it is always a good idea to refresh one's self.  I do feel so blessed, and very fortunate to have had your help along my path.  I passed the book onto a dear  friend. - Martha


I want to say that I find The message in this book is enlightening, and aligns to areas of truth and the natural world in a very meaningful way. I believe this message deserves to be promoted and will help people find their own path. - Andrew

Although I love  the Catholic Church, you helped me to see what was missing and gave it a name for me: "orthopraxy" , a relationship with Jesus Christ. - Kathleen

One of the most revealing statements in the book explains a great deal about societal problems today: “if you do not see the situation the way I do, then I will assault your character and integrity because you do not agree with me.” (McNeil, 123)  I recommend reading and discussing this book.  It can help transform how you deal with reality. - Jim


I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It really helped me connect the dots in how I see life and the world. Your book was thought provoking, serious at times and humorous at others. I especially appreciated your humor. You did an excellent job in describing the complex workings of our minds in a way that was easy for me to understand. Reading your book was a definite benefit to me and would highly recommend it to anyone searching for meaning on their journey through life. - Randy


The purposeful vs. protective is a nice motif and probably the major takeaway from the book. The Frick explains a lot! I still have to look back at the book to see what they stand for in detail so if you revised I might either do a little more with it to make them memorable like you did with protective and purposeful. There's no way the reader will forget those!  - Michelle


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